Wedding Plans

Basic Wedding Planning Checklist

Thinking about the engagement, the love that you have shared for some time and your future with your partner and soon to be husband or wife can be sweet. But cutting it off closer because the future can be that far at the moment, you still need to decide on your wedding details. This is where the real challenge... 

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Wedding Invite Right

Invite Making, Made Easy

Tasks link with planning a wedding may leave you a bit confused. Thinking about the themes, venues and all the things coming in between can be dragging. One of such tasks is planning for the weeding invite. Surely you will not enjoy the idea of sending crappy invites to your friends. So to put things in a clearer view, here are... 

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Guides in Choosing the Right Wedding Venue

Choosing the venue and church for a wedding is crucial. Aside from the theme of the wedding, the ambience is set by the place where the wedding will take place. Just like the different wedding details, this one is a vital consideration. So if you are a wedding planner or you have... 

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Lose Weight

How to Stay in Shape for Your Big Day

Planning for the wedding can be stressful. Organizing the guest list alone may take a lot of time. Sometimes, the couple might end up losing sight over important things like their body shape. And as a result, they may cram with the thought that they might not fit in their wedding... 

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Make Different

The Essentials Of Hosting The Perfect Wedding

You might be confident about your hosting prowess in different events that you have been through, but how about in hosting a wedding? A wedding is a special event that might require you to double your patience in putting up. It means that if you are used to hosting events, take like... 

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Wedding Speech

Tips On The Best Wedding Speech

A wedding is filled with a lot of scenes that may really mean a lot to the couple and may also affect the way they think about having taken the married life. One of the best parts that any wedding can have is the delivery of speech from the people who have been with the couple. Yet... 

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Wedding Music

How to Come up with the Best Wedding Music

Besides from the flowers, the venue and the people coming for the wedding, the ambiance can be more wedding-ish when you come to choose the best romantic music. But then, during the planning stage, you might be preoccupied by the songs like the ones you enjoy singing together, the... 

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Wedding Speech

Unique Wedding Plans that Work

Tying the knot may only come once in a lifetime. So, if you are thinking about settling down, you must think about unique wedding plans that will make your wedding a memorable event that you will remember for a lifetime. Here are some of the ideas you may try. If... 

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Wedding Bags

How to Decide on the Wedding Dresses & Matching Bags How to Decide on the Wedding Dresses & Matching Bags

A wedding is one of the most memorable incidents in the life of a woman. They accord great importance to it since this is the occasion when they believe that they have found the love of their life and are prepared to spend the rest of their life with them. This is the beginning of a new chapter in their lives and they are prepared to go to any lengths to ensure that this is very memorable. Among other things that women crave for, wedding bags is one of the most important. Every women accords great importance to their looks and style and bags, as we all know, plays an integral part in it. Planning for a wedding will take much of the time. Let alone... [Read more of this review]

Career Options

Different Career Options in the Wedding Industry Different Career Options in the Wedding Industry

The wedding industry has been one of the fast growing industries these days. For the sake of convenience, couples resort to hiring people to take care of the big day. The growing industry also makes way for better career opportunities for those who are in the hook of wedding events. The most common and the most sought after career in the world of weddings is the events’ organizer or simply wedding planner. Opportunities await wedding planners. If you are into organizing things, then you might count as one. This is probably the most in demand job in the wedding industry which leaves you the idea that this would truly lead you to a good career... [Read more of this review]

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